Tejo Mahal

Mr.P. N. Oak
Austere by nature,a journalist by profession, a historian by hobby, a researcher by accident and a freedom fighter by choice Mr. Oak , was one of his kind. An institution in himself.

Born on March 2nd, 1917 at Indore ( Central India) in a Maharashtrian Brahmin family in which his father Nagesh Krishna Oak (M A) talked to him only in Sanskrit mother Janaki Oak in English, relations in Marathi & town-folk in Hindi. That is how he got fluency in all those languages from childhood.

He obtained his M.A.L.L.B. degrees from Mumbai University, worked as a tutor in English at Fergusson College, Pune for a year and later joined the army, got posted to Singapore at the age of 24.

Happily married to Sindhu Gokhale (Sadhana Oak) (BA B ED) of Baroda who was a great support to him. He has three children one son & two daughters.

He was very health conscious Took a very light diet & practised Surya namaskaras regularly.

A keen student of astrology he also wrote in astrological journals & had written books on vedic astrology.

He was one of the organisers of The Indian National Army (INA) & a co-worker of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. After the end of World War II , Oak walked back and hitch hiked from Singapore to Dimapur in Assam.

From 1947 to 1974 his profession has been mainly journalism having worked on the editorial staff of Hindustan Times and The Statesman as a class I officer in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting ( Govt. of

India) and as Editor in American Embassy's Information Service ( USIS) all in New Delhi.

From 1963 onwards,Mr. Oak has been putting out copious evidence through his research, papers, articles, lectures, slide shows and books proving that the historic mansions, gardens, mosques, towers, mausoleums and townships ascribed to Moslems in India are in reality pre-moslem property belonging to and built by Hindu rulers.

Because of his hobby of visiting historic edifices it struck him as very odd that though the Muslims ruled India for over a thousand years (712 to 1857 A.D) they are said to have raised mostly tombs and mosques but no palaces. The other oddity in current history is that even naive Indian ( Hindu) Rulers for 7000 years from Pandavas to Prithviraj Chauhan are not known to have had many palaces of their own.

After years of concentrated thinking on those two enigmas it suddenly struck him that historic edifices throughout India tom tomed as tombs and mosques, could be captured, misused and misadvertised palaces and temples raised by Hindu Rulers.

That induced him to investigate further, collect evidence and take a second harder look at historic edifices throughout India which convinced him that his hypothesis was correct.

Thus , since he had discovered a great blunder in the Indian History, he wondered whether the World History was faultless. And to his shock and surprise he discovered that the World history too has numerous drawbacks.

Mr.P. N. Oak
For instance though there was no Islam before 622 AD none of the Muslim countries throughout the World teaches any pre islamic history of its region. Like wise no Christian country throughout the world teaches any pre-christian history.

These discoveries nudged him to have found an organization which would teach the world of its (pre-islamic and pre-christian) Vedic Sanskrit heritage which held full sway throughout the world.

He wrote several books braving the displeasure of his employers and the ruling government. Charges of being communal were hurled at him. His books were banned from the library of Parliament. Persecuted and Prosecuted Oak fought his own case and was pronounced ' NOT GUILTY' by the Court of Law. Supported by his family and friends he went ahead and founded THE INSTITUTE FOR REWRITING INDIAN HISTORY which further grew to be THE INSTITUTE FOR REWRITING WORLD HISTORY.

Mr. Oak was invited for felicitation and lectures by various institutions and individual. He traveled all over India and abroad and evoked great love from his readers and followers.

All his discoveries have so far remained unchallenged.

A very caring,conscientous citizen of the world, a great human being breathed his last peacefully on 4th Dec 2007 at his residence in Pune. His work and life continues to inspire his friends followers and well wishers .

List of Books written by Mr. PN Oak
  • The Taj Mahal is a Temple Palace
  • Hardcover Deluxe edition with 86 photographs - Rs. 250
  • Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research - Old Edition - Rs. 250
  • Some Missing Chapters of World History - Rs. 80
  • World Vedic Heritage - A History of Histories - Rs. 400
  • Taj Mahal The true Story - American Edition (ISBNO - 9611614-4-2)
  • Islamic Havoc in Indian History - Publisher: A Ghosh 5720W. Little York, Houston Texas
  • The Rationale of Astrology / Learning Vedic Astrology - Rs. 200
  • Netajichya Sahavasaat
  • Hindustanche Dusre Swatanry Youdh
Some of his books have been translated in Hindi, Marathi, Kanada, Telegu and Bengali.